TERRE Create logo

Training toward Environmentally Responsible Resource Extraction (TERRE) is a training program created by a collaboration between several universities and funded through NSERC's Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) Program. The program focuses on preparing graduate students to have impactful careers in the areas of mine waste management and mine site reclamation, with a focus on water treatment.

The logo I created demonstrates the shift from an open pit mine back into its natural environment, forming the overall shape of water droplet. The orange colours on the bottom of the logo are a direct reference to the colour of mine wastewater, the bottom layers also symbolize the levels of an open pit mine. In addition to the logo, I am providing design consultation on the website, which is being developed in Bootstrap by Albert O'Connor (albertoconnor.ca)

  • November 2014
  • Identity, digital
  • TERRE Create